Sheila Anozier:

Haitian-American multidisciplinary artist Sheila Anozier is a performer and artistic collaborator who's main focus and inspiration is the rich tradition of Haitian song, dance and music. Her studies with master folklorists and teachers, Pat Hall and Georges Vilson, have guided her in integrating the modern with the ancestral traditions of her family and community. The joy that is released through her art has helped her and others express the intersection of cultures that is so important to the immigrant based communities that make up America.

Rufus Cappadocia has redefined the role of the cello in a global context. His noted collaborations spanning West Africa , the Middle East, North India, Caribbean, and the Americas profoundly inform his music. He has performed extensively with Yacouba Moumouni (Niger) Bonga Jean Baptiste (Haiti) Vishal Vaid (India) Peter Yarrow (USA) Vernon Reid (USA ) and is a current member of Stella Mara, the Paradox Trio, The Vodou Drums of Haiti and Bethany & Rufus. Cappadocia is also an instrument designer and deconstructionist having fashioned his current instrument from a cello he found in the garbage in New York City.