Roman Filiu: alto saxophone
Chris Cheek: tenor saxophone
Marta Sanchez: piano
Simon Willson: bass
Daniel Dor: drums

Marta Sanchez, originally from Madrid, Spain, has released two CDs since she arrived in the United States. The first one, “Partenika”, was selected as one of the best 10 recordings of 2015 by The New York Times and was among the best jazz recordings of the year in Downbeat, All Music and The Jazz Journalist Association’s lists. Her later recording, “Danza Imposible”, was highly praised by NPR’s Fresh Air and received four stars from Downbeat. Combining elements of rock, pop, jazz, classical and experimental music, Marta's tunes are rhythmically complex but strongly melodic. “It’s music that tells stories by integrating folk elements with the harmonic sophistication and spontaneity of jazz.” (Alan Ferber)