Carmela Ramírez - vocals
Nilko Andreas Guarín - vocals
Eric Kurismski - guitar
Jeremy Smith - percussion
Juan Felipe Mayorga - drums
Edward Pérez - bass and arrangements

The Peruvian coast is home to the dynamic Afro-Peruvian music and dance style known as festejo, where layers of energetic percussion intermingle with piercing vocals and ornate guitar work to create an irresistibly danceable groove. The New York-based band Festejation pays homage to this tradition while bringing their own decidedly urban edge.

The group is led by bassist/arranger Edward Pérez who has penned musical works for such groups as The Silkroad Ensemble, Cristina Pato, and Peruvian Grammy nominee Jorge Pardo. Being a former resident of Lima, he has shared the stage with legendary Afro-Peruvian musicians such as Eva Ayllón, Juan Medrano Cotito, Julio “Chocolate” Algendones, and Oscar Avilés. Fronted by two vocal powerhouses, Ana Carmela Ramírez and Nilko Andreas Guarín, Festejation delivers unforgettable sets packed with songs guaranteed to make you move.