Up and coming Argentine singer-songwriter, Carolina Mamà curates a special evening of music with special guest vocalist Ana Carmela Ramirez. They will be accompanied by cuatro master, Jorge Glem, jazz guitarist Yotam Silberstein and bassist Tal Mashiach.

Carolina blends an intimate singing style with masterful storytelling, integrating the heart of different cultures. She’s currently working on her first solo album. Developing new musical material through her original compositions with influences from South American, Mexican, Moroccan and Cape Verdean folk music, plus the distinctive sounds of New York. This music speaks about women, oppression and hope for change.

Venezuelan musical artist, Ana Carmela Ramirez Ramirez is currently living in New York City, studying under a scholarship at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. She combines her classical musical training with the art of singing and composition. Traveling around various genres and sounds her artistic uniqueness is rooted in the need of a better future for children and youth in Venezuela.

Carmela’s career in Caracas included different musical projects like Ensamble Gurrufio, Aquiles Baez, Edward Ramirez (C4 trío), Aldemaro Romero Trío, Juan Manuel Trujillo and Gabriel Chakarji. In 2014 she was nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards Academy for her vocals recording on the album “Tiempo” of Linda Briceño. As a special guest she performed with the folkloric group Vaäre in a concert with the Symphonic Orchestra of Venezuela. As a composer she was featured in a concert by Simon Bolivar Jazz Big Band led by maestro Pablo Gil.