Tom Beckham, vibes
Nate Radley, guitar
Gary Wang, bass
Diego Voglino, drums

One of our favorite vibes players and a nearby Brooklyn resident, Tom Beckham’s group — SLICE — comes from a nickname the vibraphonist earned while living in Boston years ago. The group plays original songs inspired as much from the love of John Coltrane’s music as they do from say, Donny Hathaway’s songs. While all the songs still have the jazz influence in some way, they also contain bits of pop, country, r&b, etc. along with healthy doses of improvisation.

“…here’s someone who makes the vibraphone sound like the most grand of jazz instruments.” —

"I think he’s one of the wonderful improvisers on the instrument, a consummate vibes player, and if it were up to me he’d be getting a lot more recognition."—Joe Locke

“Beckham’s approach is reminiscent of older band leaders like Paul Motian and Chico Hamilton, but Beckham’s work has a sound all its own—which is what jazz is really about.”—