****General Admission****
****$20 Cash Cover at the door only****

TWO SETS  beginning  9pm

LunÀtico is honored to host Madeleine Peyroux & Band in preparation for their upcoming world tour!
Madeleine was with us on our opening night back in December of 2014 and sang impromptu into the wee hours.   It was a golden moment we will never forget.  Check out the video below from her last appearance here with Sam Yahel and then join us!

Andy Erzin ~ Keys
Paul Frazier ~ Bass
Graham Hawthorne ~ Drums
Jon Herington ~ Guitar

Madeleine Peyroux's extraordinary journey is one of music industry’s most compelling. Eight albums and 22 years since her debut Dreamland, Peyroux continues to challenge the confines of jazz, venturing into the fertile fields of contemporary music with unfading curiosity.