Soul Gnawa is a new collaboration by Samir Langus and Daniel Freedman which features the ritual trance music of Morocco in a funky improvisational setting. Gnawa Music is believed to heal people possessed by Jinns or spirits.

Samir Langus, is a Grammy nominated musician, born and raised in the city of Agadir, Morocco. LanGus began learning Gnawa, when he was 8 years old from the Gnawa Masters of Morocco. He is a cofounder of the acclaimed group Innov Gnawa.

Daniel Freedman is a world recognized drummer/percussionist and composer who has toured and recorded with artists such as David Byrne and Angelique Kidjo. A native New Yorker, Daniel studied with masters such as Max Roach and Billy Higgins and later studied and played with master musicians in Morocco, Mali, Senegal and Cuba.

As a bandleader his latest release “Imagine That” received five stars in Downbeat Magazine and they wrote,” Daniel Freedman has quietly, almost surreptitiously, become a primal force, creating a kind of people’s music built on rustling folk rhythms, ethnic melodies and joyous performances.”

The pair will be joined by Al Sweet on guitar and Gustavo Di Dalva on percussion.