teddycrockett celebrates  the release of "Sell The World" with special guest Yela!   

Expect an eclectic mix of ‘70’s classic soul, rock and blues all with a modern sensibility in a stripped-down set from Bed Stuy’s own teddycrockett.  Teddy will also preview songs from “Had My Reasons”, the next EP in a series he’ll be releasing over the coming months.

“My dad was a musician and he believed there were actually only four genre’s of music: jazz, rock, gospel and classical. Anything with a back beat he considered rock, so this included the entire diaspora of R&B, soul, classic rock, punk, hip hop, etc. He listened to it all and so I grew up believing pretty much all music was related"

"With my new songs I hoped to tap into the timeless songwriting styles that I grew up loving. I think solid, tuneful songs will never go out of style. I’m not afraid to wear my influences openly on my sleeve, ‘cause none of the cats I look up to— Jimi, Prince, Marvin, Sly, etc — hid where they came from either. I think I heard that Miles use to repeat the adage, ‘the good ones borrow but the great ones steal’ and I def seek to reach towards greatness.”

Check out this great lineup and then join us!

teddycrockett – Vocals, Guitar & Piano
Bendji Alonce – Percussion
Burniss Earl Travis - Bass

Yela (Daniella Bauer) is an Austrian singer and songwriter who incorporates earnest, heartfelt lyrics with groovy beats and strong melodies. Check out her gorgeous song in the video clip below.