LunÁtico welcomes Simon Winsé to our bandstand for a night of ngoni, kora and the flute!

Born in Burkina Faso in 1981, Simon grew up in a rich cultural environment.  His father Tombo Winsé is a traditional flutist who played during the Somo masks ceremony.  Once a year in June this ritual asks forgiveness from the elements of nature (the wind, the earth, the spirits) and to obtain blessings: a good harvest, health, and many children.   At the age of eight, Simon was indoctrinated in the traditional values of his father.   He introduced him to the flute of the masks, according to the family griot tradition.  As a teenager, he saw his father playing kundé, this three-stringed guitar that is played by all the ethnic groups of the country.  In Lankoue Simon was also fascinated by a shepherd friend whose flock of sheep passed along the millet field of the Winsé family . During the rainy season, this shepherd played the Peul flute, an instrument that Simon learned to play perfectly later.

In 2000, he moved to the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, to perfect his art by seriously learning the ngoni, the kora and the flute.

Through these traditional instruments Simon Winsé tries to bring back a spirituality that tends to disappear with modern life. He deplores the fact that young Burkinabè are ashamed of these traditions, which they all too often regard as "music of villagers, of non-civilized people. Every year when he returns home he sees this loss of value for what he calls "nightclub music." According to him: "If I play the bow mouth during the ball-dust in the villages I will find myself alone! Young people prefer to play drum machines on their phones. Too bad! "

In 2007, he founded his group Simpaflute (with French musicians): a fusion of the traditional rhythms of the country San and Jazz.

"At my house we do not sing to sing. If we have nothing to say, we are silent »