Avram Fefer on saxes/bass clarinet, Joe Hertenstein on drums, Arthur Kell on electric bass, Anders Nilsson on guitar.
Avram Fefer is a New York-based composer, improviser, bandleader and player of multiple woodwinds. He has appeared on eleven CD’s as a leader, many more as a sideman, and has performed in clubs and festivals throughout Europe, Japan, Africa, and the Middle East. You may have heard him alongside Archie Shepp, Bobby Few, the Last Poets, or the David Murray Big Band. You may have also seen him perform in off-Broadway productions such as Ivo Van Hove’s “Streetcar Named Desire” or Melvin Van Peebles’ “Sweet Sweetback’s Badassss Song”. His own bands have included musicians Eric Revis, Michael Bisio, Chad Taylor, Steve Swell, and Wilber Morris, and he plays regularly with Big Picture Holiday, Burnt Sugar, and Adam Rudolph’s Go:Organic Orchestra. His latest CD, Rivers on Mars, Deja Voodoo is being released in June 2018 on Ropeadope Records. Avram also enjoys a variety of inter-disciplinary collaborations --- including with painters, poets, dancers, and sound designers. In 2012 he initiated the Resonant Sculpture Project, a unique international series of solo musical interactions with the large-scale works of iconic sculptor Richard Serra. 

"It's decidedly refreshing to hear a balance of freedom and formula so successfully reconciled. This is perhaps why Fefer's music strikes such a resonating and winsome chord. He weds the best from both the free jazz and postbop camps with alacrity and confidence and in the bargain comes up with a musical jargon that is wholly his own."

 Derek Taylor (Allaboutjazz.com)

"Possessed of an undeniably spiritual feel for the music, Avram Fefer understands the importance of percussion for connecting with the human pulse, as well as the use of horn lines to express what the heart, in all of its complexity, feels.”