Corina Bartra - vocals
Steve Sandberg - piano
Victor Murillo - bass
Diego Lopez - drums
Perico Diaz - cajon

Corina Bartra embraces the driving rhythms of South American music—the lando, the festejo, the baiao—and links them with the ballads and standards of American jazz to make a joyous combination of the indigenous music of her native Peru and her adopted New York City. This celebration draws you right into the swirling movement of joyous music.

"Bartra seems to have captured virtually every avant-garde style imaginable and put them to the test ... the music here has a commanding, cohesive sound ... the cuts are noteworthy for their inventiveness.” — New York Daily News

"It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of the great Peruvian musician and vocalist, Corina Bartra….many aficionados of South American culture would likely agree that if it was not for musicians such as Susana Baca and Corina Bartra, traditional Andean,
Afro-Peruvian and Criolla music – the music of Chabuca Granda – would die very quickly." — Raul da Gama, World Music Report

"Music that makes you want to move, dance and hum along with the melodies. Corina Bartra is a human bird whose phrasing and vocal gymnastics explore her wonderful vocal range and presentation….” — Contemporary Fusion Reviews.