Inflame combines classical Indian and traditional Flamenco forms as a launching pad for adventurous improvisation.  

Formed in 2010, the quartet consists of north Indian mandolin, tabla, flamenco guitar and flamenco percussion.  Recent performances include the Arts & Ideas festival in Connecticut, University of South Carolina, and University of West Virginia.  

Group members hail from Kolkata India, Bangladesh, Buenos Aires Argentina, and New York City.

The group is proud to have just prsented their debut self-titled CD in October of 2013 at Alegriasen la Nacional in New York City.

Inflame is:

Snehasish Mozumder – Mandolin

Ranendra Kumar Das -   Tabla

Cristian Puig                  -  Flamenco guitar

Peter Basil Bogdanos  -   Flamenco cajon & percussion


INFLAME is a journey in collaboration, it is a conversation; INFLAME is a way of communicating across vast geographical distances and finding common tongues through the rich language of music around the world.


The music of INFLAME reflects aspects of Indian culture and creativity that can pull from influences around the world and still retain the essence of Indian performance culture at its core. The flare of Spanish flamenco and complexity of jazz are melded with Indian melodic and rhythmic modes (i.e., ragas and talas). Masterful improvisation links the three influences in some unique ways, much like a cultural melting pot on stage. That is the goal of the musicians of INFLAME—to show how music cultures can be different but also have a enough beauty in common to work together, just like people.