LunÀtico warmly welcomes Dida Pelled to our stage!

New York-based Israeli guitarist and vocalist Dida has a particular talent for storytelling. Whether it be a jazz standard, a scorching blues number, an old country ballad, or a heartfelt original “Dida sings in a voice sometimes playful, warm, resonant, no frills. She sings the words, giving them their meaning, their weight, with perfect diction and charm."

"Playfully sexy and intelligent, Pelled's talent exists as a complete package, perfectly capable of solo performance, but clearly benefiting from the company". All About Jazz, Michael Baile

"She’s already made a mark as a performer and recording artist, and is building a devoted following with regular club performances featuring her renditions of jazz standards and insightful originals, immaculate jazz/blues guitar playing and a soft voice that draws the listener in deep." 'The Examiner, Jim Bessman

"This young guitarist-vocalist—a doe-eyed ingénue in appearance, a mature artist in reality—has proven to be an inimitable double-threat who's more concerned with serving a song and doing justice to the music than fitting into a neat little stylistic box." All About Jazz, Dan Bilawsk