Dave Harrington, Jeremy Gustin, & Spencer Zahn return to LunÀtico!

Dave Harrington (guitar/electronics), Jeremy Gustin (drums), and Spencer Zahn (bass) have performed together in a variety of contexts but rarely venture out into the world in power trio format.  They will play free wheeling improvisations, Harrington originals, and their own take on what you might call "standards".  Expect an emphasis on ambience, texture, and groove as these three navigate new ideas and an evolving repertoire in real-time.

Dave Harrington is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and one half of the electronic music duo Darkside, along with Nicolas Jaar.   He has played in numerous Brooklyn indie-rock bands including ARMS, Thunder And Lightning, and Translations (which featured Andrew Fox of Visuals). He also scored the 2010 documentary about Pablo Escobar that aired on the BBC.