LunÀtico is thrilled to host percussionist, Sergio Krakowski and his group, The Chunk for a night of Brazilian choro funk!

Based on Afro-Brazilian rhythms, this project by world acclaimed percussion player Sergio Krakowski had it's NYC debut in 2017. ThePandeiro, also known as the Brazilian Tambourine, dictates the groove.  The lyrics bring an acid and yet funny approach to contemporary issues, and The virtuosity of NY-based musicians make The Chunk run at full throttle.

"In the virtuosic hands of percussionist Sergio Krakowski, the pandeiro offers a world of fascinating rhythms, rich texture and infectious pulse... He delivers enticing compositions, a keen sense of dynamics and willingness to forge communicative interaction among his cohorts... Krakowski demonstrates superb spatial awareness that affords the music a rich sonic fullness and brings a heightened level ofcontrol to the instrument, prioritizing suspense over superfluous speed." – JOH MURPH, 4-STAR REVIEW ON DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE