Bar LunÀtico's Fourth Anniversary Music Festival proudly presents Omer Avital’s Qantar.

Omer Avital: bass
Eden Ladin: piano, keyboards
Asaf Yuria: soprano and tenor sax
Alexander Levin: tenor sax
Ofri Nehemya: drums

Omer Avital’s Qantar was created in Brooklyn, New York, a new quintet bearing a great deal of love, friendship, and a strong sense of serving the music. Praised by critics as “extraordinary” (New York Times) and “roaringly inventive” (Jazziz) and “one of the most exciting musicians to come onto the jazz scene in the last 20 years” (Downbeat), Omer Avital is a visionary composer and virtuoso musician whose genre-defying ensembles are pushing the boundaries of jazz expression and providing audiences with swing and spiritual sustenance in equal measure. With his latest recordings Omer has turned his traditional jazz sensibility to the performance of Middle Eastern and North African music. Bar LunÀtico's