“What this guy does with a Pandeiro in his hands is incredible!” - Rolling Stone Brazil

Imagine a Pandeiro, absent of Drums. Strong thumbs mark the low notes, a slap plays the snare, the Pandeiro jingles and moves like a symbal. Welcome to Tulio Araujo's world: The Dobradura Project.

Tulio is a Brazilian musician, carrying advanced degrees and experience in the fields of Percussion, Music Production and Sound Engineering. He has studied with renowned masters Ian Guest (Hungary), Santiago Reyther (Cuba) and Marcos Suzano (Brazil), and others. Through his experimentation and study, Tulio dreamt and effectively conceived a way to merge his main instrument, the Pandeiro, with the improvisation environment that Jazz, Brazilian Choro and Fusion provides.

In the last two years Tulio Araujo grew obsessed with modulations, finding particular intrigue in the metric and rhythmic modes. His intense study led him to apply his knowledge and passion into the creation of an album. In this way, Tulio's third album Monduland was born.

However, passion towards ideas and theory is not enough to reach and captivate every listener. Tulio needed a partner ready to embrace the complex concept and translate the theory into a collection of tunes featuring exceptional aesthetic quality. Lucas Telles is a talented Brazilain musician who joined Tulio in creating Monduland, aiding in the composition and arrangement for the album. After 12 months of complete immersion, Monduland emerged ripe featuring incredible original compositions and rearrangements of Brazilian classics.

Tulio Araujo is a traveler, relishing different cultures and the experience of collaborating with musicians from all over the world. Prior to the launch of Monduland, he spent 8 months in New York City playing, recording e composing with eclectic and distinct musicians. Influences from Israeli singer Sivan Arbel, the American singer Leala Cyr, the Canadian bassist Antoine Pelegrin and the Brazilian singer Sergio Santos infused Monduland with intensity and undeniable quality.