LunÀtico is thrilled to host a double bill of amazing young talents Lau Noah and Noé Socha!

Originally from Spain, Lau Noah is a Brooklyn based storyteller.

Lau’s musical tapestry is a conversation between masterful storytelling, intertwined cultures and a limitless sense of imagination that provide the audience with the capacity to time-travel between their child self and the being they will become when the last song of the show comes to an end. "I am personally enamoured with Noah's poetical beauty. The mystery of her performance sticks with me" Bob Boilen, NPR Host and Creator of All Songs Considered.

Noé Socha is a twenty-something blind wunderkind rom Carpi, Italy.  A double threat on harmonica and guitar, Noè continues to blow our minds.  Check him out hanging tight with the late Henry Butler in the video below and you'll see what we're talking about.

Not to be missed!