It's Saturday night and Ethan Eubanks' Blues Bangers invade the Bar LunÀtico bandstand!

The Blues Bangers are known for the wise authoritative blues of Bill Sims Jr. And tonite, Mr. Sims willl engage in a guitar duel with twenty-something wonderkind, Noé Socha, of Carpi, Italy. Noé is a double threat on harmonica as well.

The one and only Andy Hess joins on bass - Not to be missed!

Born into and raised by a sharecropping family in rural Georgia, vocalist and multi- instrumentalist Bill Sims Jr. is an internationally respected master of the blues. He began playing piano at age four and by fourteen he was playing professionally in a rhythm and blues group. A Warner Bros. recording artist, Mr. Sims is also an accomplished musical director and has lent his talents to many theater and film productions in New York and the United States. His film credits include Lackawanna Blues, Miss Ruby's House, American Gangster, and the recent Cadillac Records. He was also the subject of a critically acclaimed PBS documentary, An American Love Story, in 1999. Mr Sims currently lives in NYC where he mentors a new generation of blues and roots musicians.

Noé Socha is a twenty-something wonder from Carpi, Italy. Because he plays slide guitar and harmonica (and perhaps even because he is blind) he is often referred to as a blues musician. Far from it. This guy is carving out some new musical ground and it's not easy to define unless you like to use words like brilliant or inspired. You just never know what's going to happen next. An original composition? A Meters cover? Or a harmonica/slide rendition of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Somehow it all makes sense. If he doesn't grab you in the first 32 bars, just wait. Soon enough he will simultaneously echo his guitar improvisations on the harmonica. Electric.