Bar LunÀtico is thrilled to host world-renowned Romanian singer Sanda Weigl to the bandstand.  With Curtis Hasselbring on guitar and electronics. 

Sanda was born in Bucharest, where she began her career as a child star on Romanian national television, singing Gypsy songs learned from street singers and from recordings of the legendary Maria Tanase.   When Sanda was thirteen, political persecution forced the family to move to East Berlin. There her father was reunited with his only surviving relative, Helene Weigel, Bertolt Brecht's widow and director of the Berliner Ensemble. Sanda was immersed in the Brecht/Weill tradition, meeting Lotte Lenya and studying with Helene.

Sanda Weigl blends Gypsy music, cabaret and jazz, reflecting her own life story in every moment of her vast and inventive repertoire.

As outspoken politically as she is uncompromising musically, Sanda first achieved fame as a teen-age member of Team 4, East Germany’s most popular rock band of the 1960s. After publicly denouncing communism and Russia’s invasion of Czechoslovakia, she was banned from performing and sentenced to two years in an East Berlin prison; then, expelled to the West where she was free to continue crafting her art.
Since relocating to New York in the early nineties, Sanda has performed her singular interpretations to critical acclaim throughout the United States, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Austria, Israel, UK , her native Romania and around the world.

At Bar Lunatico she’ll present her new project she developed together with Curtis Hasselbring ( guitar, electronics) where she’s reimagining the music of Tom Waits blending in her unique interpretation of  Romanian Gypsy songs.


Her incredible journey, too abundant for our little blurb format here, can be read here:  

Sanda has been featured on Scott Simon's NPR Weekend Edition and is best known in America  for her Knitting Factory release, Gypsy Killer.