Happy Weekend everyone! A heads up! Amayo of AMAYO's FU-ARKIST-RA LION TRILOGY has that nasty flu! (Get better soon Amayo!) The good news is the afrobeat will still rage on at LunÀtico with members of Antibalas in the house. Nikhil P. Yerawadekar is bringing a stellar group (Original Suffer Heads) in Amayo's steed. Do join us!****

Bar LunÀtico is excited to present AMAYO’S FU-ARKIST-RA - where Kung Fu meets Afro-beat!

Amayo’s Fu-Arkist-Ra is a unique afro-beat concept, created by Amayo in 2000, which was developed in three countries :in Brooklyn (USA), in Paris (France) and in Bahia (Brazil).

The music of AMAYO’S FU-ARKIST-RA is a combination of traditional Chinese Lion rhythms

and Nigerian Afro-beat.This unique blend of styles creates a vivid and magical landscape for stories, lessons, and dances of ancient Chinese and African folklore. Songs in the repertory include ‘Amen-awon’, ‘Wounded Lion’,‘Lion Awakes’ and ‘Happy Lion’.

The result is a lethal fusion called FU-Afrobeat: a blend of African spiritual rhythms,Traditional Chinese lion rhythms, highlife, funk, and jazz, infused with political messages.The band’s diverse spectrum of backgrounds carries the spirit of Kung Fu masters and philosophers of the Orient, Freedom fighters, the Royal warriors of Edo & Ife Kingdoms, and Fela Kuti.

“Lead singer Amayo channels Fela Kuti.” - PRI’s The World

“A raucous, joyous celebration of Afrobeat.” - Rolling Stone Magazine