Bar LunÀtico's Third Anniversary Festival hosts the burgeoning collaboration between two of New York City's most beloved talents.   Joanna Sternberg, a young and gifted NYC songstress, teams up with Charlie Burnham, a world-renowned violinist/vocalist, for a night of songs new and used. Two  intimate sets where Joanna sings alternating  upright bass, piano and guitar while Charlie  accompanies her on violin and also sings standards from his unique playbook.

Charlie Burnham is an American violinist and composer. He has a unique highly imaginative style that crosses genres, including bluegrass, delta punk, free jazz, blues, classical and chamber jazz. He often performs with a wah-wah pedal. He initially became renowned for his work on James "Blood" Ulmer's Odyssey album, but is also known for his work with Cassandra Wilson, Steven Bernstein, Medeski Martin & Wood, John Zorn, Rufus Wainwright, Kenny Wollesen, Norah Jones & Billie Joe Armstrong.

Joanna Sternberg is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist living in New York City who reminds us of a young Carole King.  Indelible melodies. Lyrics, seemingly simple on first listen, ultimately reveal a deep emotional vulnerability. Shades of Randy Newman inhabit her work alongside other influences drawn from the finest masters of the trade.