Peter Apfelbaum (piano/organ/tenor sax/vocals)
Natalie Cressman (trombone/bass/vocals)
Jill Ryan (alto sax/flute/vocals)
Kyle Sanna (synths/guitar)
Charlie Ferguson (drums/percussion/loops)

Saxophonist/pianist/composer Peter Apfelbaum presents his newest band, Sparkler. This vocal-heavy and electronica-driven quintet offers the kind of densely layered, polyrhythmic music which Apfelbaum has long been known for with his world music big band, Hieroglyphics, but with more of an emphasis on songs - songs which cover such subjects as the ambidextrous nature of the universe, smashing fascism, the continual disappearance of things and the secret oils that drive the grass.

"Sparkler... shakes the night sky free of its galactic mess... an extreme in and of itself." - Tyran Grillo, ECM Reviews

"Experimental and joyful music by one of jazz's hidden treasures" - Dan Ouellette, Zeal NY


Photo credit: John Abbott