The magical lyricism and warm harmonies of Catalonian piano composer
Federico Mompou are given new life in the setting of this “chamber band”
comprised of winds, brass and strings.

Mompou’s music is a missing link in the marriage of 20th century classical
music and jazz, having been a marked influence on Bill Evans and Miles

Focusing on the 28 short vignettes that make up the masterpiece Musica
Callada, the ensemble will begin to explore brand new orchestrations of
this unheralded artist in a fun and casual workshop performance meant to
provide a friendly backdrop or engaging distraction to your Saturday

Ensemble Callada, feat.

Jordan McLean (trumpets, orchestrations)
Derin Oge (piano)
Alice Jones (alto flute)
Matt Bauder, Dean Buck (tenor saxophone)
Morgan Price (baritone saxophone)
Eric Davis (French Horn)
Jesus Chuntaro, Sam Kulik (bass trombone)
Anneke Schaul-Yoder (cello)

Jordan McLean is a composer, arranger and trumpeter whose work spans from
the rarified to the mainstream. Having performed around the world for the
past 25, his music has been featured in Broadway shows, short films,
concert halls, night clubs, TV, radio and recordings with artists as
divergent as Iron and Wine, Steven Tyler, The Roots, and Ornette Coleman.
He is a charter member of Antibalas and co-founder of System Dialing