The first band LunÀtico ever asked to play pn our bandstand is back! You want some reggae? Some dub? Some ska? Clark Gayton & The Superslicks have your back!

A master of brass instruments, Clark wields his dangerous trombone in this Superslicks incarnation. The depth and diversity of Clark's music can't be overstated. From grooving bold reggae bass lines on the sousaphone, to caressing a soft bossa nova with a trombone or euphonium, he will leave you hanging on every note. More impressive than his virtuosity though, is the sexiness, funkiness, and intelligence of his playing and compositions. Check out this lineup below and then come join us.

Earl Appleton ~ Keys
Derrick Bourne ~ Bass
Clark Gayton ~ Trombone
Dareem Chandler ~ Drums
Rick Sabo ~ guitar