Yo Lateef is inspired by the music and legacy of Yusef Lateef, the great multi-reedist and improvised music innovator.  Lateef was one of the first in the jazz community to bring world sounds and instruments into the genre. Darriau has had a 30 year career making parallel music in jazz, Balkan, klezmer and world musics (Ballin’ The Jack, Paradox Trio, The Klezmatics). This group is a nod to Lateef’s musical innovations and esthetic - with original compositions and classic Lateef material.

Matt Darriau - reeds, kaval, wood flutes
Peck Allmond - trumpet, euphonium, wood flutes
Arthur Kell - bass
Steve Johns - drums
Brian Marsella - piano

"For the doctor- the perception of "in" and "out" begins with an inclusion in space and at the same time the perception is that of being away from or not being in the normal or usual space" -Yusef Lateef