Guillermo Klein, piano & voice
Martin Sued, bandoneon
Chris Cheek, saxophones
Leo Genovese, keyboards
Matt Pavolka, bass
Rodrigo Reca, drums

"A purveyor of dazzling rhythms and rich melodies, Argentinean composer and pianist Guillermo Klein is beloved by many musicians of his generation. Known for his highly original approach to composition, Klein feeds off the improvisational energy of jazz, but also integrates sounds from a broad range of musical experiences. Among them are the folkloric tangos and chacareras of his native Argentina, though 20th Century European modernism, counterpoint, minimalism, drones, complex meters, children's songs, and human voices — including his own untrained but emotional delivery — are all featured heavily. The results are unclassifiable, but frequently buoyed by intense lyricism and thick, active grooves.

Klein came to New York in 1994. Less than a year passed before he found himself leading a big band every Sunday night at the Greenwich Village basement club called Smalls. His songbook continued to increase in size and complexity, and his circle of collaborators included many of New York's most talented young jazz musicians…"

Expect a night "full of Klein's trademarks: tricky rhythmic patterns, lush harmonic layers…” and, in this case, featuring the incredible musicianship of pianist, Leo Genovese, bandoneon player, Martin Sued, and saxophonist Chris Cheek.

Klein’s many Sunnyside Records CDs have earned critical acclaim from the New York Times, Chicago Trubune and Down Beat. He has been regularly featured on NPR. He has received commissions from the Philharmonic of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires Ballet, Lincoln Center and Merkin Hall in NYC and the United Nations Orchestra.

(Quoted bio excerpted from NPR!)