Bar LunÀtico is thrilled to host the singer/songwriter double bill of Julia Haltigan and Freddie Stevenson!

Acclaimed bombshell songstress Julia Haltigan came up on the Lower East Side of New York City when it oozed a heady mix of danger, possibility and art. She made meaning of the painful complexities of her parents’ split, her father’s incarceration, and a freewheeling life of parties and a revolving cast of street characters.

Julia emerged from it all a sensitive badass who rides vintage Triumph motorcycles and sings primal rock n’ roll with smoldering expressivity. Her solo music exudes a film noir-esque nostalgia and elegance directly inspired by her childhood. Her latest EP, Hot Tears, is a crystalized version of her gritty and glamorous vision—it’s a masterful collection of sensual heartbreak.

Hailing from Scotland, Freddie Stevenson, bides time on both shores. At the start of his career, he collaborated with John Perry of The Only Ones in the middle of 2004. Culminating in a set of four well received acoustic demos, Perry introduced Stevenson to a group of Stockholm-based musicians comprising Brady Blade (Dave Matthews & Friends, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan) on drums, Surjo Benigh (Ulf Lundell) on bass, and Jan Petersson (Eric Bibb, Odetta) on keyboards. The subsequent recording, Body on the Line was made, mixing the original acoustic roots of Stevenson's music with multi-instrument sensibilities.