Nico Turner, a multi-instrumentalist and contributor to the rise of experimental music in Los Angeles, first became known in the underground music scene with her band VOICEsVOICEs She has played with such notable musicians as Brightblack Morning Light, Prefuse 73, Vincent Gallo, and most recently Cat Power. Her music is an atmospheric, seductive, unconventional and ambient experience.Hauntingly beautiful soundscapes. Expect your subconscious to be electroshocked.

Jared Samuel 

“I’m digging in my heels and I’m leaning back. Can you hear me?“ 

"I can hear you. Just don’t stop talking." 

Jared Samuel was describing the steep incline he was perched upon, trying to find quiet during soundcheck and trying not to tumble down a hill. I was asking him questions about his record. I’d been listening to Disturbing Wildlife every day. For weeks. 

His voice sounded so familiar. "The only student I ever had couldn’t deal with the fact that music didn’t offer concrete answers.” He was talking about and around Invisible Familiars’ pulsating penultimate album track, “New Mutation Boogie.” He recorded the song’s three drummers – Ryan Sawyer, Yuval Lion, and Andrew Borger – in their homes, gathering wizard heartbeats around NYC to take back to the studio and into the wise grasp of Michael Leonhart, the album’s producer and MVP. As Jared spoke, he mingled swirling meaning with the click click facts of how technical decisions were made. Sometimes these seemed the same.