Bar LunÀtico is thrilled to host the double bill of Max Hatt & Edda Glass and Ziemba LoPiccolo!

Max Hate & Edda G;ass were introduced to us by Wilco's Pat Sansone, who produced their latest record.   They're from Montana.  We never meet anyone from Montana.  Guitar virtuoso Nels Cline has this to say about them:
Beautiful music that is subtly poignant, elegantly funky, and haunting without trying to be. Their songs are direct yet often take unexpected and colorful harmonic twists and turns, delighting the ear.

Rhys Ziemba and (LunÀtico's own) Elizabeth LoPiccolo began making music together in Pensacola, Florida in 2008 as part of Scribbled Birds, a large, avant-garde, twee vocal ensemble and later in a band called You Win Instantly. Now residing in Brooklyn, their musical endeavors take many forms, including the creation of a live score for Marcel Dzama’s Une Danse des Bouffons, which was performed at MoMA PS1, as well as a collaboration with performer Morgan Bassichis, which will be presented at Saint Mark’s Church in October 2017. As part of the band Luscious Skin, Elizabeth and Rhys are engaged in a long-term project to record the 36 poems of James Joyce’s Chamber Music.