Spirits Rebellious was founded by Thomas Chapin in the late 1980’s to perform his Brazilian-influenced compositions. Thomas was a towering figure on the "downtown" NYC music scene who died of leukemia just as he was reaching a broad audience.  His story is the subject of the critically acclaimed 2016 film documentary, "Night Bird Song."    The original members of Spirits Rebellious have reunited to bring attention to this overlooked period of Chapin's music. which was between his long stint as musical director of the Lionel Hampton Band and the popularity of his own legendary Trio.   

Original members Saul Rubin (gtr), Joey Cardello (percussion) and Arthur Kell (bass) breathe new life into these transcendent compositions.  They are joined by Asaf Yuria on saxophones and Mark Ferber on drums.   Not to be missed.