Moses Patrou - vocals, keys 
Tony Scherr - bass
Matt Carrillo - Sax
Matt Chertkoff - guitar
Diego Voglino - drums

Moses Patrou is one of those rare cats who can sing and play drums at the same time.  He has an effortless raspy baritone which rises up over the cymbal stands of one of the deepest drum pockets in New York City.   What many don't know is he is also a master of the keys, which is what he plays in The Brooklyn Dive Bombers.  

Born in Nashville, TN, Moses' musical journey began in Madison, WI, hearing rolling boogie woogie, blues and country music firsthand from his very talented musician father, Johnny “Chimes” Patrou. Some of his earliest memories were watching his father perform with Original Funky Drummer Clyde Stubblefield. Musical pilgrimages later on led him to study and perform at the source in places such as New Orleans, Brazil, and Cuba before laying his hat in New York.

In addition to being a versatile and well-seasoned live performer, Patrou has had considerable success in the recording arena as well. He has appeared in two national television commercials – one for a Cannes Ad Award-Winning spot for Coca-Cola, which debuted during the 2007 Super Bowl:   other for “Schick Hydro” razors called “Splash Boxing”:  

Moses is also a prolific songwriter with a knack for writing songs that consistently hit the sweet spot of being current and relevant while also harkening back to a time when music was sincere and written from the heart.  The lyrics are instantly relatable and permanently memorable with melodies and beats guaranteed to make you want to run to the dance floor and either boogie your ass off or hold someone close while you listen.