Bar LunÀtico is thrilled to have the great bassist/composer Brad Jones.

Brad is one of the most sought after bass players in the NY jazz scene. He has recorded, performed and toured around the world with a diverse array of artists that include Ornette Coleman, Elvis Costello, Elvin Jones, David Byrne, Muhal Richard Abrams, Sheryl Crow, Deborah Harry, Dave Douglas, Vernon Reid, John Zorn, Don Byron, Marc Ribot, and The Jazz Passengers. 

Aka Alias is Jones' first group as a leader. The mostly electric quintet possesses a more danceable yet sonically intriguing musical sensibility that derives influences of everything from Jazz to Funk to Calypso to free improvisation.

Brad has released three recordings under his own leadership with two seperate projects:
“UNCIVILIZED POISE” and “THE EMBODIMENT” with his band Aka Alias, and
“POURING MY HEART IN” with the Brad Jones Quartet and the most recently released "AVANT LOUNGE" with his project "Avant Lounge"

The group he'll be presenting at Bar LunÀtico is a quasi-culmination of all three projects.