Bar LunÁtico is honored to host guitarist, Julian Lage, with is trio!  Julian is one of the most highly-acclaimed musicians of his generation. An early prodigy, he sat in with Santana when he was nine, played on the Grammys at 13, and joined jazz legend Gary Burton’s band at 17. There is apparently no genre that eludes his talent, from his beginnings playing blues to traditional and modern jazz with Burton and others, bluegrass with Chris Etheridge, and free improv with Nels Cline. If he hasn’t taken on metal yet, it isn’t for lack of technique, only current interest. In fact, Lage strikes you as someone for whom technique is no longer an issue. Anything he hears he seems able to play.  

He will be joined by Scott Colley on bass and Kenny Wollesen on drums.  A must see!