Expect exceptional live music, everything from Armenian chamber jazz to Southern swamp rock. Don’t be surprised if you walk in to find a band who plays music from Bollywood cinema. We know one.

Sublime wines, agave spirits and meticulously-crafted cocktails. Expect those too. And don't overlook the food; our kitchen is open all day. Like the cocktails, the coffee is small-batch, and chef Mac’s cooking is inspired by the rustic flavors of the Mediterranean. 

Lunàtico is owned by three touring musicians. After many years traveling the planet and performing in countless dives and venues, we developed some big ideas about what constitutes a perfect hang. We hope Lunático becomes yours.

the Team

Richard Julian


Lured into the bar business by his passion for tequila, co-founder Richard Julian is better-known as a widely-acclaimed songwriter and recording artist.  Having released six albums (including 2006's critically-acclaimed Slow New York) he has toured the globe as a solo artist as well as with The Little Willies, a side-project featuring Norah Jones.

Richard cherishes the opportunity LunÀtico provides - to champion the music and musicians he loves.

Rosita kess


From the decor to the food menu, co-founder Rosita Kess' incorrigible nomadic nature is felt in every corner of Bar LunÀtico. Originally from Venice, Italy, the chansonnière has lived in Berlin, Paris, Barçelona London, New Orleans, and finally, Brooklyn.

As a musician, she has toured extensively throughout Europe and North America, releasing four albums, including a  collaboration with the singer Beth Hirsch of the renowned French duo, Air. Her life of constant motion is reflected in her music where bossa nova collides with French chansons and old Cuban rhythms meet their Argentine counterparts. Her most recent songs are deeply influenced by her love for Haitian and West African music, and by her collaborations with revered Haitian musician and LunÀtico mainstay, Tiga Jean Baptiste.

Arthur kell


Having started out his musical life playing in Bed-Stuy bars in the 80s, perhaps it was only a matter of time before co-founder Arthur Kell returned to open his own.  But when he's not busy tending to the needs of the LunÀtico bands and patrons, Arthur enjoys a career as a critically acclaimed touring bassist and composer. His group regularly tours Europe including the Copenhagen and Madrid jazz festivals. His extensive travels in Africa left a profound mark on his own compositions and helped to shape the diverse roster of talent at Bar LunÀtico.

Outside of music, Arthur is an avid activist with a passion for environmental issues. He coordinated that work for NYPIRG for ten years stopping the proposed Brooklyn Navy Yard incinerator.